There are many ways to support us. Do you have a car we could use? Could you house a dancer? If you would like to share your gifts in some way, please contact us.

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Why art? Why now?

We are fighting for art to persevere, even in this economic environment. Our passion, dedication, and love of dance and art will not allow us to give in to negative forces.

All of the funds are focused on producing the highest quality artistic product that we can. Most of the costs are travel costs and artists’ fees and per diem. We cover most of the creation, rehearsal, publicity, and administrative costs through generous in-kind donations and volunteer time.

Now we are inviting you to contribute to the vision!

VOICE is operating under a fiscal agent, Ballet East, allowing us the benefits of a non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible charitable donations. You will receive a receipt to use for your tax filing. This help from Ballet East allows us to focus more fully on what we do best: create.

In this current economic climate, we are more grateful than ever for your support. No gift is too small. These are times when art is sorely needed for its ability to uplift and inspire, move and compel us.

Thank you for supporting our work!


Help us to move and inspire people!

Some representative costs for our September performance of Chocolate:

  1. BulletComplete cost for 1 artist $ 2000

  2. BulletArtist Per Diem $ 560

  3. BulletArtist Fee $ 1000

  4. BulletAirline Ticket $600

  5. BulletHousing $ 3000

  6. BulletRehearsal Space $ 1600

  7. BulletTheatre Rental $ 500

  8. BulletCrew $ 500   

  9. BulletVideography $ 500

photo © Janine Harris

A sudden opportunity!

VOICE has a sudden chance to capitalize on an invitation to be presented in San Angelo and Fredericksburg at the end of September. The City of Austin has awarded us a match grant to help produce and perform the work here prior to the travel. We are now reaching out to our supporters in the hope of securing pledges that will enable us to meet our matching requirements and take advantage of this welcome opportunity.

Help us meet our match!

Donate Securely by Credit Card or PayPal:

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VOICE Dance Company

2013 Alegria Rd.

Austin, TX