VOICE creates a unique experience for every performance filled with vulnerability, humor, and passion, leaving the audience and all involved feeling the experience long after the event. VOICE energizes our art and shares dance’s intimacy, power, and ability to spark conversation and change lives. We believe in the power of dance and music to uplift, inspire, provoke, draw tears, and elicit screams from our souls, expressing both infinite beauty and the rawness of life. VOICE serves as a vehicle for the creation of vibrant new dance. Fluid in thought and form, we inspire, enrich, and touch people’s lives.

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Silence, featuring Maggie Small and Fernando Sabino, 2009, Richmond Ballet, All Rights Reserved  Photo © Aaron Sutten

“Patterson has a voice, that ever-elusive thing, and whatever the future of ballet may be, choreographers like her will always have a place in it.”
- Dance Magazine
See what inspired this comment from renowned Chicago arts critic Richard Christiansen: 

"I got a strong jolt of engaging creativity that took me by surprise and made me want more."
  1. Gina is at home in Jackson Hole working with Contemporary Dance Wyoming for a premiere in June. Her recent works in Santa Barbara and St. Louis, along with this new creation for CDW, comprise a trilogy responding to past and present political and social injustices.

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Your Provision, featuring Maggie Small and Fernando Sabino, 2010, VOICE, All Rights Reserved  Photo © Austin PhotoNet