1265394 10151851767293928 1943763194 oSirui Liu, Corps de Ballet dancer Photography: Peter Mueller

Patterson, artistic director of Austin’s VOICE Dance Company, kicks the work into a higher emotional gear. Forceful and swirling, it is as if she has somehow harnessed breath itself; gasping, panting, sighing. It is an endless series of surprises.

882400 10152683101385131 1482486559 oPhotograph by C. McCullers, courtesy of Atlanta Ballet.

... with Friday evening’s world premiere of “I Am,” Patterson sent forth a clear and exquisite message about shedding human imperfections to discover one’s true self.

“I Am” was emotionally captivating, its formal values intact.

...Patterson has emerged with a powerful and poetic individual voice.

Clare LRPhoto by Steve Truesdell. Choreography by Gina Patterson. Costumes by Christine Darch. Lighting design by Kimberly Klearman.

MADCO Premiered Gina Patterson’s full-evening Liquid Roads